Brown Cloud

In Denver it is the pollution cloud. For all of us it is the massive and total B.S. spewed out by the illegal president. Much of it is just deflection, tossing everything out that might get a rise out of any cohort, but primarily women, people of any color, Dems, progressives and the media.

The stuff is just to get the fog thick and heavy so we do not see or even think about the massive destruction of America that is occurring.  And, we do not realize what a criminal we have as the Russian agent in the WH.

A current example, as of this hour, is “arm the teachers”.  What a load of B.S.   It will never happen, for many reasons, but it will not happen.  That aside many hours are being spent on the analysis of the issue and not much at all about what last weeks Mueller actions mean for SFB.  Many interviews of former Marines who are now teaching and why they do not want to see teachers carrying weapons.

There is so much stuff thrown up to the wind every minute that we fail to grasp the significance of the crimes.  The vote loser in the WH may not understand what his handlers are doing, but he does go with it because it fits his style, bluster and lie to get the deal.

But, almost nothing will be done.  This sh*t storm is not for policy.  It is to cover up the crimes happening in the WH and administration.  Try to remember what the brown cloud  was on December 31, 2017.  Or even February 13,2018.

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What good shall I do this day?

Benjamin Franklin

Amy Siskind has been documenting the trump regime and all that is happening with it in a list.  This is one of those necessary readings to survive the failure that is an illegitimate president.

From her websiteExperts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, so you’ll remember.

Her Facebook page.

Her Twitter access is @Amy_Siskind