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Maryland 1775 Flag
Maryland 1775 Flag

Our Approach

Life is enjoyable on the Chesapeake Bay, on the shores, necks and especially on the water.

Our Story

I grew up in Michigan, a peninsula, with water everywhere.  A Water Wonderland was one of the phrases used for promoting the state.  Now I live surrounded by the waters of the Chesapeake Bay.  The Bay is where my Native American ancestors lived when they arrived from across the North American continent.  Later my recent arriving ancestors landed in what was the Virginia colony in the early 1600’s, moving to the Delmarva peninsula to settle Virginia, Maryland and Delaware colonies.  I arrived here a few years ago and am now enjoying what they did almost four hundred years ago.

Meet the Team

Boo is a rescue cat.  She was left on the city hall steps.

Gale is a rescue dog.  She was pregnant and left at a shelter to be destroyed.  Saved in the nick of time by A Forever Home.

Chunky is a rescue cat.  She was domesticated then went feral.  No one wanted her because she was very unhappy and could not be touched.  Now she is a big, happy, and very indoor cat.

2011-04-27 16.18.29


Founder & Chief Cat in Charge

Boo was brought home from the Greenbelt animal shelter.  She is a Norwegian Forest Cat.

Gale Looking for Russians


Vice President

Gale is a Brittany hound with additional hound.  She is a sweet dog.

Chunky on patrol


Chief House Cat

Chunky is a big cat from the SPCA.  She is happy to be indoors.

Next Steps…

Contact your legislators and tell them you want them to ban assault rifles – again.

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